How to start a blog with 7 niches that make cash

Scour the internet on “how to start a blog” and you get the same information everywhere you look:

Follow your passion…


Find a niche you love with all your heart and you’ll do great…

Ah Pheweeee!

All the how to make money bloggers constantly advise you to find a niche you are passionate about instead of saying, “Guess what – there’s a list of like 7 niches you should consider if you truly want to make money with your blog.”

Facts are simple: you can make money in almost any blog niche that  you enter. You can… however, some blog niches are much more profitable than others.

Blog For Money
How to start a blog with

Blogging profits don’t come from passion – revenue generation comes from POPULARITY.

You want to start a business. Businesses are all about solving others problems. How can your blog help solve others problems?  Start with that question in mind and you’ll be on the right track.

Here are some Blog Niche Myths you should be aware of:
Myth #1You need to find a niche and then hyper focus on that niche some more.

Pffff……  No.  You don’t.

In some ways it’s great advice because the more specific you get with a hyper focused niche audience, the more they’re going to love you and the content you generate.

The problem lies in the popularity.  Why limit yourself?

Myth #2You need to pick a niche you’re passionate about.

Yuk….. No. You don’t.

Ask yourself, “Why am I starting a blog?”

There’s usually 2 strong reasons:

  • You want to help people do something. Build something. Grow something. Make the world a better place. You’re a mover.
  • You want to make money… and the more the better.

It’s funny – once you start making money with something, guess what happens? You become passionate about it super fast!  Hello – you’re not in this for free.  And why should you be? Your knowledge is valuable.

Most money blogger folks don’t start off saying, “I am crazy hyper passionate about helping others make money.” However, once they see the value in helping others obtain financial independence is lucrative to themselves too… well… now you’re on to something.

There are bloggers that have 5,10,15 up to 55 different blogs! (I’m not one of them…) Do  you think the blog creators are passionate about all those different niches? OF COURSE NOT!

Step away from the myths.

You can spend hours blogging behind your passion and make some money with it.


You can spend hours blogging behind others passion and make CRAZY money with it.

Can you see the difference?

Ask yourself this question, “What Do People Want?”

Choosing a niche comes down to understanding exactly what people want.

So? What do people want?

They want enrichment. Growth. Prosperity. Power. Happiness. Love.

Don’t you?

If you can show your readers how to be better parents, they will listen.

If you educate your readers on how to be better with money, they will follow.

If you can show your readers how to get the body of their dreams, they will happily listen.

Find niches that help people become better versions of their current self and WHAM! … you’re going to be successful.

So, what are the exact blog niches to best start a blog in?  Well… think about it.  Remember what people want?

Niche #1 – How to Make Money

Hello! Isn’t that soooooo obvious? Beginner bloggers ask themselves all the time, “do I need to start a blog on making money to make any money?”

It’s a fair question. Blogs that teach you how to make money are run by people making money!

The only problem is… well, you’re an amateur.

So what’s your hook? How are you going to reach out to your audience in a way that makes them want to follow your money making journal?

Chronicle the steps of your journey and show others that they can do what you’ve done and you’ll be well on your way.

Top bloggers in this genre include:

  • By Regina
  • Darren Rowse
  • John Lee Dumas
  • Pat Flynn
  • Amy Lynn Andrews

Niche #2 – Personal Finance

To not fall into the how to make money niche, try focusing on these key components of personal finance:

  • How to Save Money By
    • Using coupons
    • Using shopping lists
    • Shopping less often
    • Cutting costs

While saving money is great, other aspects of personal finance can cover topics like:

  • How to invest
  • Finding a great side job
  • How to grow your own food

I mean really – if you think about it – the list is endless.  Show others how to live frugally and grow their wealth at the same time and you’ll have a winner.

And now….

Niche #3 – Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is a tough niche because it’s difficult to monetize if you’re not careful.  You can get TONS of traffic with great tips, but where does it lead for putting cash in your pocket?

Start with affiliate marketing in this one. Your audience is actively searching for answers to their problems. They want 6 pack abs. They want a perky chest. They want to wear tight fitting jeans. They want extra boosts of energy.

Great!  You have solutions to all of those problems and some. Use Amazon or Clickbank or others to link a product that will help them.

Moving to…

Show your recipes and end products to your readers. How about these chocolate chip muffin cookies eh?

Niche #4 – Food

Yikes. Ramp up the difficulty level to above 100 for this niche because typically the audience doesn’t want to buy anything, they just want a recipe.

Try to build up a large audience and use ads to supplement your business.

Look at these blogs and see how they’re generating revenue. Are there some ways you can duplicate their success?

Niche #5 – Beauty and Fashion

Ah yes. The vanity of humans. LOL

Seriously though, who doesn’t love to look gorgeous and be fashionable?

Beauty and fashion relies on your opinion and personality to really make a splash. Written content isn’t much of a help in this niche.

If you can smash this niche, you can make crazy money as an influencer on Instagram and also a Youtube expert. Visual platforms help this niche best.

My wife is a fashionista so I don’t write often about beauty and fashion because she typically has those bases covered.

And on to…

Niche #6 – Lifestyle is a “lifestyle” blog in many ways. I write often about faith, family, finance, fitness and fun – and each one of those can be a topic of their own.

Remember when I talked about niches and sub-niches earlier? Use lifestyle in your how to start a blog repertoire…

Lifestyle is the ultimate because it is so broad.  Imagine the possibilities!

  • Gardening
  • Raising Chickens
  • Raising Horses
  • Organization
  • Where to go on vacation
  • Travel in style
  • Living off the grid

The possibilities are endless in this niche.  Write about  your lifestyle – after all, you’re already an expert in it.

What is it about your lifestyle that I should practice in my own daily life that’s going to make me better?

To get your mind moving on this one, you could try home remedies for colds, etc.

I recently saw a Youtube that had over 1,000,000 views from a guy showing the world how to get rid of a plantar wart! I mean – VERRUCA!  That’s just crazy.

Can you make a simple Youtube like that? I bet you can.

And now for…

Niche #7 – Personal Development

Is a personal development blog? I like to think so.

With personal development it’s difficult because you need to be very specific with how you’re going to help someone.

For example, you could say:

I promise to motivate you to level 99 on your push-up challenge.

– or –

I can help you overcome obesity.

Simply offering a better life doesn’t cut it. You have to be specific and exact about how you’re going to do it.

Is there something  you’ve done or experienced in your own personal life that has benefitted your pocketbook or your health?

Write about it!


As you and your blog progress, cast a wide net and then slowly start to circle in. You have some type of expertise in each of the above listed areas.  Apply your experience to each of those niches.

Remember, advertising is not necessarily the most lucrative way to make money.  Neither is affiliate marketing.

Selling your own product is the HOLY GRAIL! You need to establish expertise in your content area and provide such value that soon your readers will clamor for your product.

Best of success in your life endeavors!

If this blog post helped you, please feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.





Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Have you ever seen the Youtube sensation – “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!” – that is absolutely hilarious?!

Sometimes when I’m writing a blog post I think the exact same thing – “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat!”

As you move forward in your blog, make sure you are continuously and constantly posting content that people are digging in and begging for!

How can you do that?

Use these 6 keys for gauging original content:

1 – Use humor in your post.  Folks love to laugh!

2 – Tell a story. Tie some emotion into your post that pulls on people’s feelings.

3 – Use YOUR voice. Not your brothers, your mom’s or some fake superstar you want to emulate. YOUR VOICE is the best voice.

4 – Be fearless. No one like a whimpering wimpy poo. Speak your mind and show reasons why you feel the way you do.

5 – Show empathy. When you can relate with others, it shows that you’re a human being and not some selfish punk that’s looking out for #1.

6 – Back your voice up with facts. That’s right – FACTS. If you’re talking about politics especially, FACTS are an absolute must.

7 – Urgency matters. Do you like waiting in long lines? Do you like rush hour traffic – slowly poking along to your destination? Guess what – your users HATE waiting. Hate it. Do not make anyone wait for anything at anytime. Otherwise – poof. They gone! NOW MATTERS. Act now. Move now. Read now. Always prompt others with a sense of urgency.

8 – Link up. Search engines LOVE when you link your content to other posts in your blog or other folks who share the same vision and ideals of  your post. When you share your love, love comes right back.

Those are 8 simple ways to gauge original content. Of course, as you post more often your natural voice will carry.  Don’t be afraid to speak your mind when it comes to creating original and unique blogging content.


16 questions you must ask to make money with your blog

If you want to make money with your blog, you need to ask yourself these 16 key questions:

Do people LOVE to visit your blog?

This is obvious isn’t it? I mean – who wants to read garbage and spam content? Nobody. Make sure your blog is original and unique content.

Make money with your blog by helping your readers want it more…
Are you making mouthwatering pictures?

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” The human eye loves to look at beautiful pictures. Use pictures in your blog and catch the attention of your readers.

Do you provide helpful answers?

There are hundreds of questions surrounding blogs. “How to make money on your blog” is a key topic and your visitors are likely to ask you questions. You can either make posts that answer them, or answer direct questions in the comments section. If you don’t know the answer, find it, your visitors will appreciate that you took the time.

Are you earning commission with affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs are a great way to earn some solid income from your blog. There are hundreds of “how to make money” related products out there that will give you a healthy commission for promoting them.

Ultimately, you will only want to represent products or services that you believe in, because that will give your voice the power it needs to get others excited about it too.

What Clickbank products are you promoting?

Clickbank is a primary source for digital products, so your visitors will be able to download and start using them immediately.  ClickBank rocks and helps you make money with your blog because many product owners will share a chunk of the purchase price with you as your commission.

What Amazon products are you promoting?

Amazon doesn’t give you the high commission rates you find at ClickBank. Amazon does open you up to larger and more frequent purchases. It’s easy enough to recommend “how to make money” products from Amazon. The bonus is you’ll get commission paid on anything else they add to their cart during checkout.

Why not try CJ Affiliate?

CJ Affiliate lets you register and have access to big sales opportunies quickly. You’ll recognize big brands here, and this site is a way for you to apply with them, get accepted, and start earning commission from the sale of their items.

How about other Advertising Programs?

Advertising is one of the set-and-forget ways you can earn money online. Places like Google, Bing, and Yahoo all generate tons of traffic, and their business models rely heavily on advertising revenue. They really want to send send visitors to the right places and collect a modest fee along the way. They’ll happily share this revenue with you if your readers click their links.

Who loves Google AdSense? (Hint: YOU do!)

You know that sound when you drop a penny in your piggy bank? That clink clink! sound happens 24/7 when you register as an AdSense publisher. Simply copy and paste your special code into your blog, and Google will begin showing relevant ads to your visitors. Making money with your blog is easy when using AdSense because I don’t ever have to think about it and yet the steady clink clink happens daily.

Are you developing an Email List: Direct Marketing?

Is your content regular and original enough that it is bringing your readers back for more? If so, you’ll want to start collecting their email addresses so you can send them emails all at once. Email marketing is fragile, so make sure you are sending valuable content. Make money with your blog by developing and growing your email list.

To make your email list work, there are a few things to keep in mind:

How’s your email list? “The Money Is In The List”

Hang around Internet Marketing circles long enough you’re bound to hear, “The Money Is In The List.” Building a list of people that are passionate about a specific topic, in this case making money online, and suggesting products that help them achieve their goals.

Do you provide “Tons of Value”?

There’s an old adage that says, “Under promise and over deliver” in the service industry. You need to overdeliver when you send messages out to your email list. Prove to them that it was worth giving their email address out. What do your readers want that you can provide?

Make money with your blog by providing tremendous value
How about making Your Own Product? Go From Affiliate to Owner

Making your own product is a key way to cut out the middleman. As creator of a product, it gives you a chance to get a band of affiliates out there helping you – instead of vice versa. This a time heavy endeavor. Make sure the product that you put out is WORLD CLASS or don’t waste your time. This is a sure fire way to make money with your blog.

How’s your Downloadable Free User Book coming along?

Assemble your best tips, along with their amazing pictures, into a guide book. Use content that is exclusive to the book. As time goes on, you can develop and create a premium eBook which your users would joyfully pay for.

Did you make a Downloadable Guide?

Condense what you know about making money blogging into a guide that can help newbies. When they can learn faster because of you, they’re going to be loyal to you and your brand. (On a side note, you could also consider adding this guide as a bonus for buying your premium eBook.)

Why not try a Joint Venture?

Team up with another money making blogger or bloggers and come up with something CRAZY AWESOME! When two minds get together it creates an even bigger mind, and the sky really is the limit when you start coordinating a joint effort. Make money with your blog easily using this strategy.